Letter to the Editor endorsing Ellie Hill – Missoulian

The voters of House District 94 have an opportunity to elect and send to Helena a talented and energetic woman who holds strong Democratic, progressive convictions and works tirelessly to translate those values into progressive policies.

As a lawyer, she has worked effectively as an advocate for the poor. She has most recently served as the director of the Poverello Center for the past four years. She has been active in the current leadership of the Missoula County Democratic Party and is helping to revitalize the local Democratic Party into an even more effective instrument of social progress.

For these reasons and more, we, the undersigned, join the progressive Democratic leaders of our community in supporting Ellie Hill for House District 94.

Linda and John Torma, Don and Pat Simmons, Alex Taft, Molly Galusha, Missoula

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